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        Yancheng Tianhua Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is located beside the picturesque Lake of Jiu Long Kou in the inner Lixiahe Region in the north of Jiangsu Province, neighbouring the East Sea in the east and the former residence of Late Premier Zhou Enlai. Tianhua company enjoys convenient transportation conditions with the Xinchang Railway, Beijing-Shanghai Highway and Yancheng-Xuzhou Highway running through the town of Jianhu County, which is renowned as the land of fish and rice and the birth place of creative mind and gifted talents. 
        Our company has passed the authentication of ISO9001. Our main products include valves of high and medium pressure, whose nominal pressure is PN2.5-105MPA and the nominal diameter is DN3-500mm. We are a professional maker of Christmas Trees and wellheads, casing heads, choke manifolds, mud manifolds, drilling accessories and hydraulic pipes, etc, which are widely applied in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, engineering accessories and industrial pipes for power stations.Our products can be custom-made on request. 
    Since the first day of its establishment, relying on the technology advances and quality management, our company has firmly formed the concept that quality is the life of the enterprise and has been following the tenet of customer satisfaction and the object of continuous improvement. All of the Tianhua people are working hard to contribute to the technology advances and the sustainable development of our company in an effort to keep pace with the times and forge ahead. Old and new friends from all walks of life are warmly welcome to our company to provide guidance to our work and hold business talks for a common brilliant future.



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